Isaac Bikes was formed in 2001 in the United Kingdom. From the outset, Isaac’s founders were determined to turn their company into a world-class manufacturer of carbon-composite forks and bike components. Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton – the physicist’s name shaped the Isaac brand-image – the firm’s researchers quickly took up the challenge of developing state of the art bicycle components with prototypes appearing in bike shows towards the end of 2002.

Over the next few months, Isaac set about moving its technical and production branches to Germany. The company’s financial side, however, remained in the United Kingdom. In 2003, Isaac launched its Joule frameset which quickly gained international recognition for its innovative design. In 2004, the company released its highly-successful Pascal Full Carbon and high-end Impulse framesets.

Today, the company is a leading developer of cycle technology in Europe. Isaac’s researchers regularly liaise with leading German universities to ensure that their designs are technically sound and every attempt is made to ensure that the finished products conform to the high standards you’d expect from one of Europe’s finest manufacturers of cycles and cycle components.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest Isaac bikes to hit the market.

Road Bikes


The Sonic is a luxurious bike designed to serve the needs of elite and professional riders. The Sonic’s frame comes with strategically placed pieces of high modulus carbon which provide this bike with added strength, thereby allowing the rider to attain his full potential. These innovations to frame design also ensure that the Sonic is kept as lightweight as possible. On average, its frame weighs a mere 800g. Other features include a new and improved aerodynamic head-tube and an Isaac monocoque fork which comes with a dual-diameter steerer. The Sonic is available in a variety of different sizes.

Reviewers appear to have a very favourable opinion of this bike. They note that the Sonic handles beautifully and readily responds to the needs of the rider. However, the Sonic doesn’t come cheap and this certainly limits its appeal. This, however, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, Isaac markets the Sonic as a bike that has been designed for an elite and wealthy few.


The latest version of the Impulse has proven to be a best-seller. It’s sleek, smooth and, judging by its specification, second to none. Whilst this bike’s aesthetics are certainly striking, you’ll be particularly impressed by its latest technical features. These include changes to the Impact’s frame, such as a monocoque front triangle for additional lateral stiffness and maximum vertical suppleness. As a result of these innovations, you’ll find that the Impact handles better than ever.

Riders have responded positively to the Impulse. Bicycling Review noted that the Impulse was able to “maintain (its) stiffness even under full power.” This bike not only “leaps up slopes” with incredible ease, but is guaranteed to “rocket” to the finish line too. The Impulse is unlikely to leave you disappointed.


This completely hand-made bike is a light and innovative creation. However, you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that reduced frame weight equals a weaker bike. This robust bike is well-equipped to deal with the demands of road racing. It comes with a Torayca Aerospace T700 frame and 7075 alloy compound interfaces. The Kelvin’s stunning metallic blue exterior is certain to turn heads on the road.

Is this bike worth its price tag? Riders describe the Kelvin as a “beautifully built” bike. However, reviewers at found that its “extreme stiffness” made the Kelvin unsuitable for British roads.


Isaac’s Pascal bike is a great choice for the rider on a budget. It comes with a quality high strength carbon road frame and the manufacturer’s trademark monocoque fork and dual diameter steerer. This bike is available in some seven different sizes, thereby making it accessible to a wider audience. The Pascal’s sleek black frame completes this classy bike. Reviewers at Cycling Plus magazine have found that the Pascal performs best at high speeds but is unfortunately less than impressive at slow to medium speeds.

Time Trial Bikes

Joule Aerotic

According to its manufacturers, the Joule Aerotic bike is designed to combine speed with “raw aggression.” You’re likely to agree with their assessment once you’ve given the Aerotic a test run. The Joule Aerotic comes with a number of favourable features. These include an ultrahigh modulus reinforced carbon frame and an FSA orbit-carbon asymmetrical integrated headset. The Aerotic’s frame has been carefully designed to ensure that it is as aerodynamic as possible, thereby allowing you to reach incredible speeds with ease. Indeed, the Isaac team has even gone so far as to suggest that this bike “looks fast standing still!” The Aerotic has a large fan-base and is popular with a number of professionals, particularly those who participate in long-distance triathlons.


The Efficiency is a classic bike that comes with an aero-carbon monocoque frame. This bike is super light and is perfect for getting from A to B in the shortest time possible. The shock-absorbing properties of the Efficiency’s frame together with its shaped stays are sure to maximise the rider’s comfort. This bike also comes with an Isaac integrated seatpost and is available in four different sizes. On average, the Efficiency’s frame weighs around 1250g.

Mountain Bikes


The first thing that you’ll probably notice when riding this bike is its weight – this bike is incredibly light. However, this doesn’t mean that the Impact isn’t tough enough to deal with rugged terrain. This bike has been designed to perform even on the toughest mountain climbs. A high modulus carbon monocoque frame allows for maximal strength and durability. Other features include an FSA orbit-carbon asymmetrical integrated headset and a seat which has been designed to maximise the rider’s comfort levels. Given its formidable specification, it’s hardly surprising that riders have responded positively to the Impact. This bike is certainly worth checking out!