Ambrosio Bikes Reviews

Ambrosio has a long history of producing quality bicycles and components. The company was formed in Italy and has now been in operation for over 75 years. Over the years, Ambrosio has sponsored numerous professional cyclists. The manufacturer is currently associated with the Diquigiovanni-Androni professional squad which boasts the two-time winner of the Giro d’Italia, Gilberto Simoni, amongst its members.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest bikes from Ambrosio.

Latest Bikes

Celcius Team Edition

This high-performing cycle from Ambrosio has everything you’d want in a fine road-racing bike. The bike features a top of the line monocoque frame made from Nervex high modulus carbon fibres and comes with Campagnolo Centaur Ergo levers and derailleurs. Redesigned tubing and seat-stays allow for increased comfort. The Celcius weighs about 8.8kg and as such is without doubt one of the lightest bikes of its kind currently available on the market.

The Celcius Team Edition bike has received a positive response from riders. Many have praised the manufacturer’s choice of tyres which, according to reviewers, can be relied on to perform. However, riders did note a number of small glitches. The carbon blade and steerer forks, whilst aesthetically pleasing, failed to provide the necessary levels of rigidity. Other riders found that the bike was liable to shake at slow or moderate speeds.

Rapide Carbon

Weighing in at a mere 8.5 kg, the Ambrosio Rapide Carbon is a lightweight bike which is well-suited to a variety of situations from flat-country biking to uphill rides. This bike comes with a frame which incorporates the very latest developments in cycle technology. High-tech AN6 triple-butted aluminium tapered tubes ensure that the Rapide Carbon responds enthusiastically to the rider’s needs. In addition, the rear seat has been specially designed to maximise comfort levels. As the Rapide Carbon is available in six different sizes, you’re guaranteed to receive an excellent fit from one of the bikes in this range.

Despite the manufacturer’s reassurances, however, the majority of riders do not appear to have had a positive experience with this bike. Although the Rapide Carbon has the “looks and finesse” to impress, many owners have criticised its design, with one rider stating “You won’t need to ride it for long (before) it break(s).” Other riders found that the seat tube had a tendency to crack all too easily.


Ambrosio’s Solaro range has been designed with the needs of the amateur cyclist in mind. According to its manufacturers, it’s the perfect budget bike for anyone wanting to get into road racing. Bikes in the Solaro range come with frames which have been manufactured using Nervex 7005 heat treated double-butted tubing. The Solaro comes with a number of other desirable features. These include Ambrosio Evolution 32-spoke Gommitalia Logosport tyres and state of the art pedals which allow the rider to attain high speeds with relative ease. An Ambrosio gel seat allows the rider to experience unparalleled levels of comfort. Finally, the Ambrosio A8 Venturi fork completes this bike’s formidable specification.

The Ambrosio Solaro received a very favourable review in the April 2008 issue of 220 Triathlon magazine. Writers urged riders not to be fooled by the Solaro’s “plain-Jane frame,” which reviewers found was light enough to “ensur(e) a rapid ride even on the climb.” A strong frame allows the rider to transfer effort into forward motion without exerting himself. However, 220 Triathlon’s reviewers did note that the Solaro’s tyre hubs weren’t particularly resistant to the weather.

However, with prices for the Solaro starting at around £499, this bike provides riders with the perfect combination of technical strength and affordability. The Solaro is certainly worth checking out!


If you’re looking for a bike that is well-suited to everything from commuting to work to long countryside rides, the Ambrosio Guido is likely to meet your requirements. The Guido comes with a frame which has been made from Nervex 7005 heat treated double-butted tubes as well as the manufacturer’s Momentum fork. The Guido also features Ambrosio’s 57mm long-reach brake callipers. This bike’s geometry has been specially formulated to provide the rider with superior levels of comfort.

The Guido has received a positive response from riders. One owner described the bike’s frame as the best he’d ever had. The Guido is certainly one of the more affordable road bikes currently available on the UK market. Whilst exact figures vary according to the chosen specification, the Guido generally sells for about £730.

Solaro Street

The Solaro Street has been designed with the green consumer in mind. This bike is guaranteed to provide you with superior levels of comfort on hard surfaces such as pavements. Like the Solaro, the Solaro Street comes with a frame that has been constructed from Nervex heat-treated tubing. This bike also features an Ambrosio Momentum carbon fork and a set of Shimano derailleurs. Riders can also choose between two stylish frame colours – black and silver or two-tone blue. Current owners have found that this bike readily resists succumbing to the wear and tear associated with regular use. The Solaro Street is therefore a good option for the green consumer on a budget.

Guido Street

Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply want to save on fuel costs, the Guido Street is sure to meet your needs. Like the Solaro Street, the Guido Street performs well on hard, even surfaces such as pavement and tarmac. As with other bikes in Ambrosio’s current range, the Guido Street features a frame that has been constructed from Nervex 7005 aluminium alloy tubes. This bike also comes with an Ambrosio Venturi groupset and the Ambrosio Momentum fork. The Guido Street is available in five different sizes and weighs 8.9 kg.

The bike has received a positive response from riders, many of whom have praised its strength and durability. Like the Solaro Street, the Guido Street also represents an affordable investment. Prices start at around £609.