Lemond Bikes Reviews

LeMond Racing Cycles was formed in 1990 by the World Championship and Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond. LeMond specialises in the production of road racing bikes for men with longer torsos. However, in recent years, the company has sought to diversify its activities. It now manufactures bikes for cross-country and track racing as well as for women.

In 1992, LeMond reached an agreement with the Trek Bicycle Corporation, a major US manufacturer based in Wisconsin, which allowed the Corporation to design and produce bikes that would be sold under LeMond’s name. However, disagreements with Trek’s management meant that LeMond announced that it would be splitting from Trek in early 2008. Nevertheless, the manufacturer continues to produce a great line of racing cycles. Here’s the lowdown on LeMond’s latest offerings.

LeMond’s Road Racing Series

Triomphe Ultimate Series

Versions Available:

  • Tête de Course
  • Victoire

Part of LeMond’s road racing series, bikes in this range employ the very latest in frame technology. Both the Tête de Course and the Victoire come with a frame that has been partially constructed from high modulus carbon. As a result, the bikes are extremely lightweight. The Victoire benefits from the very best in tubing technology and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a round tube anywhere. Instead, flattened tubes with flared edges allow for increased lateral stiffness. These bikes are certainly guaranteed to give you a world-class racing experience.

Triomphe Carbon Series

Versions Available

  • Zurich
  • Zurich Women’s
  • Buenos Aires
  • Versailles
  • Versailles Women’s

The Triomphe Carbon Series is another range of super-lightweight bikes from LeMond. Riders have described the LeMond Versailles as a comfortable bike which absorbs shock well and handles beautifully. Users have also found that this bike responds well to a variety of different situations from commuting to sprinting. The Zurich has also received a similarly positive response from its riders. However, a few have described the Zurich’s seat as being uncomfortable.

Aluminium Carbon Spine Series

Versions Available

  • Alpe D’Huez
  • Alpe D’Huez Women’s

In designing the Aluminium Carbon Spine Series, LeMond’s engineers have sought to divide the frame into two separate sections: the Spine and the Cockpit. Each section boasts features which, when combined, allows the rider to maximise his or her speed and comfort. Bikes in this range come complete with Bontrager SSR wheels and Bontrager Race forks. Riders have praised a number of features on the Alpe d’Huez. In particular, the Shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs have received a good response. Best of all, the bike offers excellent value for money.

Performance Aluminium

Versions Available:

  • Reno
  • Etape
  • Etape Women’s

The Performance Aluminium bikes are the lowest priced bikes manufactured by LeMond. However, this does not mean that the designers have compromised on quality. Bikes in this range come with Bontrager wheels and fork and Shimano derailleurs. Riders describe the Reno as a “light and fast” creation. The Etape Women’s has been specially designed to suit females. The seat is softer and both the seat and handlebars can be adjusted to suit petite frames. You’re sure to feel “safe and natural” on this bike!

Aluminium Carbon Damping Composite ACDC

Versions Available:

  • Tourmalet Women’s

In 1990, Greg LeMond’s performance during the Tourmalet stage of the Tour de France secured his third title victory in that competition. This bike is named in honour of his achievement. The Tourmalet Women’s is a fast and agile bike. Riders have commented favourably on this bike’s handlebars and gearing as well as its use of Shimano technology. The bike also offers excellent value for money. However, a few users have voiced concerns about the Tourmalet’s brakes, stating that they do not function well in slippery conditions. Nevertheless, most of the Tourmalet’s current owners appear to be relatively pleased with their purchase.

Classic Steel Series

Versions Available:

  • Sarthe

The Sarthe is designed to cater to the needs of a small selection of riders who prefer a steel frame to the more commonly found aluminium/carbon bike frame. This means that the bike is about a kilo heavier than the average aluminium-frame bike currently available on the market. The Sarthe is great for climbing long, steep trails. It handles well and, according to its riders, “loves to swoop through fast corners.” Nevertheless, the bike maintains a “good sense of stability.” LeMond’s use of Ultegra and 105 Shimano derailleurs on this bike has also received a positive response from riders.

LeMond’s Cross Series

Versions Available:

  • Poprad
  • Poprad Disc

The Poprad comes with a LeMond True Temper OX Platinum Cross Canti steel frame. This bike also features Shimano and Bontrager components as well as Shorty 4 brakes. Riders have described the Poprad as a fantastic bike which also offers excellent value for money. It boasts a number of components such as a carbon seat which are not normally seen in other bikes in the Poprad’s price range. Riders have voiced few complaints about this bike’s slightly heavier frame.

This season, the Poprad Disc comes in a sleek Metallic Red which is sure to turn heads. Like the Poprad, the Poprad Disc has been manufactured using a steel frame. The bike features “svelte steel tubing” and disc brakes which respond well even in muddy or rainy conditions. The bike comes with a comfortable saddle and higher handlebars which are perfect for the novice rider. You might find that the Poprad Disc’s wheels require some adjustment at the start. However, your LeMond dealer should be able to sort this out fairly quickly.

LeMond’s Track Series

  • Fillmore

The Fillmore, named after the cruellest hill in the San Francisco Grand Prix, is currently the only bike in LeMond’s track range. Riders have found that the Fillmore’s specification is considerably more advanced than other road track bikes in its price range. The carbon fork allows for a more comfortable ride as it acts to dampen bumps. This makes the Fillmore great for long cycles. However, some riders have noted that the Fillmore’s wheels tended to creak and groan when peddling up or down steep inclines or declines.