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An amateur cyclist by the tender age of 17, Giovanni Pinarello turned professional eight years later with more than 60 wins under his belt. After five wins in the professional arena, he was lured into early retirement after a lucrative pay-off from his sponsors who wanted him to make way for emerging cyclist Pasqualino Fornara. In 1952, Pinarello left the cycling world as a cyclist to become a world renowned bicycle manufacturer.

Originally inspired by his cousin, who started a small business making bicycles the year that Giovanni was born, he finally opened his own bicycle store in Treviso, Italy during 1953. Within eight years, Pinarello was sponsoring professional outfit, Mainetti, and a victory in the Tour d’Avenir followed shortly after. The company received a further boost in 1975 after winning its first Giro d’Italia. In 1981, Pinarello celebrated wins in the two most coveted titles in the cycling world: the Vuelta di Spagna and Giro d’Italia. The first Olympic Gold Medal came in 1984.

Pinarello currently sponsor Spanish ProTour, Caisse d’Espagne.

In the last two decades, Pinarello has been the name behind more Tour de France victories than any of its competitors.

The 2008 Pinarello Collection

For races…

Prince Carbon

The new, award winning Prince carbon is the strongest and lightest Pinarello racing bike with the unpainted frame weighing in at under 900 grams. It is built using the best carbon fibre, which has also been used to create the widely anticipated Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and it is the only bike on the market made from this material. The bike requires less carbon but, due to the quality of the fibre (every square millimetre of bike offers 50 tonnes worth of resistance), it is incredibly strong. It is more resistant to bumpy roads, more secure downhill and more confident around bends.

It is at the top of the Pinarello range and was named the Best Race Bike by the well respected Bicycling Magazine in 2008.

It’s so special, it even has its own Prince website where you can personalise your own model.

It is available in 10 sizes and 6 colours.

Dogma FPX Magnesium

The first Dogma arrived on the scene in 2000 and 2008 celebrates the arrival of the best model yet. Boasting a frame made from magnesium AK61, it is different from every other bike in the world. The material is 35% lighter than aluminium and, for its weight, much stronger too. It is also a more environmentally friendly alternative.

A previous version of the Dogma was ridden to victory by Oscar Pereiro in the 2006 Tour de France.

Available in 8 sizes and 5 colours, the MyWay system enables you to go online and paint your own Dogma bike. For more information, visit the Pinarello website.

Paris FP carbon

A popular Pinarello choice, the Paris was famously ridden to victory by Alejandro Valverde in the Liege- Bastone-Liege and Fleche Wallone. In 2007, it earned the Bicycling Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” award for road racing.

A traditional frame created from carbon fibre, a material commonly used for the racing cars and supercars, the Paris FP carbon is a comfortable high performance bike. The lightweight and rigid material makes this model suitable for high speed racing and long journeys in all weather conditions on different terrains.

It is available in 10 sizes and 5 colours and, like the Dogma, you can use the MyWay System to change the colour of your bike to suit your own personal style. Visit the Pinarello website for details.

F4:13 FP carbon

In 2005, Pinarello introduced its first monocoque carbon fibre frameset. In simple terms, monocoque is the term used when the external shell is used to absorb and support the load. The result is a light and powerful F4:13 FP carbon, weighing in at just 1100g.

The design features a larger than average bottom bracket to increase the bike’s strength but its sporting appearance remains intact thanks to a narrower frame.

It comes in 8 sizes.

FP5 carbon

Based on the earlier design of the F4:13, it is only the top layer of carbon and the wider monocoque frame which separates these two high performance models.

It is available in 8 sizes and 6 colours.

FP2 aluminium

Introduced in 2008, the FP2 is similar to its Pinarello predecessor Dogma but the magnesium tubes have been replaced with 7005 T6 aluminium and this model offers more gears. The aluminium is ‘triple butted’, so the thicker end of the tubes can withstand more stress while the thinner tubing in the middle reduces weight. The result is a stronger and lighter bike.

This high performance bike is particularly suitable for newcomers to the cycling world. It is available in 9 sizes and 3 colours.

FP1 aluminium

Another new addition to the Pinarello range in 2008, the FP1 is also designed with a 7005 T6 aluminium triple butted frame. The fork and rear stays are made from carbon and it is a good option for riders progressing into the world of high performance cycling.

It’s available in 9 sizes and 3 colours.

For Time Trials…

Montello FM1 carbon

Different versions of the Montello have been on the Pinarello scene since the mid 1980’s and prestigious wins include the Vuelta d’Espagna, the 1984 Olympic Road Race and the Giro d’Italia.

This 2007 track and time trial bike was introduced during the Tour de France and remains unchanged for 2008. The 3K carbon used on the FP8 has been replaced with 1K carbon resulting in a bike which is 200g lighter.

The Montello FM1 is suitable for long and short distance races and is now sold with an additional seat post for triathletes. It is available in six sizes.

Crono aluminium

Based on the Montello, the aluminium alternative to the magnesium model makes this time trial and track bike unique. A similar design to the Montello, it is more aerodynamic thanks to the revised seat shape.

It is available in five sizes.

For triathlon…

FT1 Triathlon

New for 2008, this is the first and only Pinarello offering, designed specifically for triathletes. Based on the Montello design, it uses a different carbon fibre which makes it less expensive than other Pinarello high performance models.

It is available in 5 sizes.

For track…

X Track FP

The carbon fibre monocoque X Track FP was initially designed for the individual and team track racing events, Madison and Sprint. The 2008 version is the result of a collaboration with the Italian team who will be taking their Pinarello bikes to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

It comes in five sizes.

For cross…

CX Cross

A combination of a road bike and a mountain bike, the CX Cross is a new addition to Pinarello’s 2008 collection and is the first Cross bike created from carbon fibre. This lightweight, monocoque newcomer is suitable for all weather conditions and different surfaces.

It is available in six sizes.

Cross Alloy

Similar to the CX Cross, the Cross Alloy is created from 7005 T6 aluminium with a carbon fibre fork and seatstays.

It is available in five sizes.

For the city…


Inspired by the family’s hometown in Northern Italy, the Treviso is suitable for leisurely journeys around the country and city commuting. Created using 7005 aluminium, it is also lightweight.

It is available in 4 sizes.

For kids…


This racing bike for youngsters is created from a lightweight aluminium frame and has aerodynamic 24 inch wheels. Popular with racing clubs around the world, it is particularly suitable for 9-13 year olds.

For two people…

4 Power Tandem

After 20 years in the making, Pinarello launched this two seater in 2007. It is built using a light but strong scandium and aluminium frame. The result is a high performance road racing tandem.

Other Pinarello models include

  • Surprise Pista Aluminium
  • Pista RC aluminium
  • Montello FP8 carbon

For more information and images of Pinarello bikes, visit the Pinarello website or click here for details of the Pinarello 2008 collection.

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