Felt Bikes Reviews

Felt is an American company dedicated to a clear, if tough, mission: “to design, develop and deliver the best bicycles in the world.” Founded to indulge a “genuine love of speed,” Felt is run by executives who have worked in the bicycle industry for their whole adult lives, supported by engineers and cycling enthusiasts who work relentlessly to produce high quality bikes.

Felt bicycles will be of particular interest to cycling enthusiasts looking for bikes built to compete. Athletes from all over the world swear by Felt bikes when competing in triathlon, track or cycling tour events. The reasons are self-evident: when buying a Felt bicycle you are guaranteed a well-designed, high-performance bike which will meet, and likely exceed, the expectations of even the most demanding rider.

Felt supplies over 140 models in 27 countries worldwide. The company is represented in the UK by Saddleback Ltd in Bristol. Customers from the UK can visit Felt’s UK website or contact the supplier by phone on +44 (0)1454 29 99 65. Customers from other countries should begin by visiting the international website to find a dealer based in their country.

Anyone interested in buying a Felt bike should note that sales are conducted through authorised dealers only. While it may seem inconvenient that it is not possible to buy your bicycle via the internet, this policy is really further evidence of Felt’s commitment to quality control: going through a dealer means that you will be given sound advice from a well informed person and only sold a bike appropriate for you.


Road FW Series

The bicycles in Felt’s ‘Fit Woman’ series are ergonomically designed for women. The most technologically impressive (and therefore the most expensive) bike in the range is the FW2, which has a high-performance carbon frame and is available in four sizes.

The other bicycles in the series are the FW15, the FW25, the FW35 and the FW40. Anyone intimidated by the price tag of the FW2 would be well served by any of the other models. With good quality aluminium frames to reduce vibration and really impressive gears, the whole FW series is ideal for female athletes looking for a competitive bike.

See your nearest Felt dealer for advice about which bike in the series would best meet your needs and budget.

Triathlon/Time Trial

Felt’s Triathlon series should be the first stop for anyone looking for an aerodynamic, light bicycle which will help them to shave vital seconds off their times at competitive events. More casual riders would be better served by road bikes such as the FW or Urban series. The Triathlon series is built for the most serious of athletes.

The enhanced performance of this series is reflected in the DA, the most sophisticated bike of the line. This bike is built to satisfy the requirements of cyclists who will only accept the best. The DA is unquestionably the diamond of the Felt range: the fastest, lightest, most aerodynamic bike sold by the company. Unfortunately, at up to £4000 per bike, many diamonds come cheaper than the DA, but anyone who can afford it is guaranteed a near perfect ride.

The other bikes in the Triathlon series will also set you back a bit, but the B2-Pro/B2, the B12, the S22 and S32 are more affordable alternatives for serious athletes with smaller bank balances. The B2-Pro, B2, and B12 still have carbon frames, guaranteeing durability and performance and should serve athletes well.

The S22 and S32 are versatile bikes, with lightweight aluminium frames, which ought to meet the demands of any terrain. Anyone exploring more adventurous trails should have an easier ride thanks to the high quality, impact absorbing wheels. The carbon fibre seat post also helps to reduce the vibration which can often make riding on bumpier surfaces so uncomfortable on a long outing.

Talk to your dealer about the types of competitions you usually participate in to determine which model would be best for you.


The Track series is best for those most at home with track events. These bikes have lightweight aluminium frames and are ideal for racing. Whilst they do not quite have the pedigree of the Triathlon/Time Trial series, they will still serve competitive cyclists well. At a cost of £700-900, Track bicycles are also a more affordable alternative for athletes.


The Cyclocross series is ideal for anyone fond of off-road trails. Those looking for a very versatile bike which will handle nearly any surface should be very happy with a bicycle from the Cyclocross range.

These bicycles stand up really well to adverse weather conditions, including the muddy bogs and puddles dreaded by most cyclists braving off-road tracks. The high quality carbon forks on these bicycles also dramatically reduce vibration, meaning that errant stones or cobbled surfaces will be less of a burden for intrepid explorers.

Cyclocross bikes will also provide a high quality ride on the roads. However, if you plan to spend much of your time on the roads, a road bike will probably suit your needs more closely.


Commuters and city dwellers will be interested in Felt’s Urban series. The three models which comprise this range (the Curbside, the Dispatch, and the X:City) are affordable, reliable bikes designed for the roads. The X:City in particular is suitable for areas where the quality of the surface may sometimes be less than perfect.

While Felt may be renowned for providing quality racing bikes, the Urban range should be seriously considered by the commuter crowd, as prices are competitive compared to companies more commonly associated with bikes suitable for an urban setting.


The RXC, Q, and Nine series should all be seriously considered by anyone looking for a good quality mountain bike. The suspension bikes of the Virtue, Compulsion and Redemption series are also worth a good look.

The most affordable series in Felt’s mountain bike range is probably the Q series (comprised of the Q720, Q620 and Q520) and will meet the needs of most. Felt dealers can help you to understand the differences in the specifications of each model.


The Café series is best described as an everyday bike. Suitable for commuting or longer journeys, Café bikes are comfortable and affordable. Models specifically designed for women are also available: the Café 24 Deluxe Women, Café 8 Women, and Café 8 Women.


Felt’s BMX range is renowned for looking great and performing impressively. Anyone interested in the BMX series should visit the BMX section of Felt’s international website. The website is organised well, with photographs of each of the many available models and detailed specifications.

The best way to choose your new BMX, however, is to visit your nearest Felt dealer and try out the models you are most interested in.