Litespeed Bikes Reviews

Litespeed is currently one of the most respected bicycle manufacturers in the world. Olympic athletes and professional cyclists have claimed to swear by Litespeed bikes to help them shave off the extra seconds which can make the difference between winning and losing. It is not difficult, therefore, to understand the genesis of the company’s name: the high performance titanium frames the company is renowned for guarantee that Litespeed bikes will always be amongst the lightest and fastest bicycles around.

It may come as a surprise to many athletes who rely on Litespeed bikes that the brand was founded as the result of a happy accident. The company which was to become Litespeed was originally a family business based in Chatanooga, Tennessee, dedicated to producing all manner of machines, many of which were manufactured using titanium.

It was only when the family’s eldest son, a keen athlete, suffered an injury which forced him to abandon his running that the family’s thoughts turned towards bikes. Eager to take up cycling to compensate for his inability to run, the eldest son built a bicycle frame from titanium he found in the factory, and came up with an impressive design.

Soon, high profile athletes became attracted by the excellent reputation the new bicycles were earning. In due course the family business turned its attention away from machines and devoted all of its time and energy to manufacturing high quality bikes, and Litespeed was born.

Potential customers should note that Litespeed do not sell bicycles directly, but distribute their bikes through a range of dealers across the world. The website contains a search engine which allows customers to find a dealer in their area. This includes the addresses and contact numbers for 42 dealers in the UK.

Litespeed bicycles are best suited to competitive athletes who are looking for the best and are willing to invest a substantial amount of money to get it. While Litespeed’s road bikes would fulfil the dreams of every commuter, these high-performance bikes would arguably be wasted if used only for this purpose. Commuters should be able to find reliable bikes well suited to a town or city environment for substantially less money than one might expect to spend on a Litespeed.

Road Bikes

The most impressive road bicycle in the Litespeed range is undoubtedly the Archon. Buyers can expect a ride which justifies the hefty price tag of around £3000. Reviewers have been united in their enthusiasm for the design and have often praised how easy this titanium framed bicycle is to handle. Even those who have been lured by increasingly fashionable carbon frames ought to be impressed. Riders who are competing in long races over a period of days or weeks which encompass a variety of terrain will do no better than the versatile Archon.

The Icon and Ardennes models should also be considered by anyone looking for a high performance road bike. Like the Archon, these models are fast, light and easy to ride. Cyclists who frequently ride on hilly terrain should find that these road bikes can ease the pain of cycling uphill, particularly a few hours into a long journey.

The Bella is a bicycle designed specifically for women. As a result, the dimensions of the bike are sympathetic to the fact that women are built differently to men and female riders are therefore assured a more comfortable ride. The Bella has been praised by women for its durability and versatility. The appearance of the bike has also been complimented by those who appreciate the fact that the bike does not look too obviously feminine.

The Ghisallo, the Siena, the Sportive and the CX are more affordable alternatives to the other bikes in the range. While still not cheap, cyclists who cannot face a price tag of over £2000 but still want a competitive, high quality bike should find these bicycles a good compromise. The CX is a good choice for those looking for a cyclocross bike.

The best option for anyone eager to buy a Litespeed road bike is to visit one of the dealers listed on the Litespeed website to discuss their particular needs with a salesperson familiar with the products. It might even be possible to road test the different models available, which will help you to appreciate the subtle distinctions between the models.


The mountain bikes offered by Litespeed stand up to the competition presented by other major bicycle manufacturers, including the mountain bike specialists. Customers can expect a light, durable bicycle which is able to negotiate the roughest terrain demanded by any cycling tour. Unfortunately, this high standard of quality means that the Litespeed Mountain range does not come cheap. However, as in most cases, cyclists can expect to get what they pay for.

The models offered are: the Niota Ti, the Obed, the Ocoee and the Sewanee. All offer an impressively smooth ride and will not be fazed by rough or uneven tracks. Like the road bikes manufactured by Litespeed, the bikes in the Mountain range have high quality, titanium frames and should more than satisfy anyone looking for a high end, competitive mountain bike. Visit your local dealer to discuss which of the models would best suit your needs.


Litespeed’s Saber model should meet the standards of all Triathlon athletes. As an aerodynamic design is top of most triathlon athletes’ list of demands, the Saber aims to complement aerodynamic features without sacrificing in other areas.

Its titanium frame ought to equal or outperform its carbon fibre rivals. Athletes will be hard pressed to find a bike which provides a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Custom Made Bicycles

Those on a quest to find their perfect bike, designed and built to accommodate their particular needs and wants, might be interested in Litespeed’s Custom Made service. Litespeed has almost two decades worth of experience when it comes to manufacturing custom made bikes, and maintains a permanent, separate staff dedicated solely to this purpose.

Riders with unusual requirements not perfectly satisfied by the range of bikes offered by the major bicycle companies are most likely to appreciate this service. For example, a rider who is unusually tall might benefit from an ergonomically designed bicycle made specifically for them. Litespeed are also willing to accommodate the whims of perfectionist athletes, and has a team of designers which can satisfy almost any demand.