Dahon Bikes Reviews

Dahon Bicycles was established in 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Over the years, the company has expanded considerably. It currently has a number of factories in operation across mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and the Czech Republic.

Dahon is one of the largest manufacturers of folding bicycles in the world. A folding bicycle is one which incorporates hinges into its design. These hinges allow the bicycle to be ‘folded’ into a more compact shape thereby allowing for increased ease of storage. Dahon bikes have been designed with the green consumer in mind and are therefore best suited to commuter travel. You’ll also find that this manufacturer’s bikes are generally very affordable.

Unlike the majority of bike manufacturers, Dahon releases a few dozen new models every year. Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest Dahon bikes to hit the market.

Urban Utility Bikes

Boardwalk D3/D7

This is one of Dahon’s most popular bicycles to date. The bike is designed to accommodate riders of varying sizes and can be folded in less than fifteen seconds. Best of all, you need not worry about a flat tyre interrupting your journey as Dahon have included a handy bicycle pump that can be found tucked away behind the seat post. Users appear to have had a positive experience with the Dahon Boardwalk. However, one rider pointed out that the Boardwalk’s front brake was relatively weak.

Cadenza Solo

If you’re looking for a versatile bike, then the Cadenza Solo is sure to fit the bill. You can alter just about any of its components to suit your individual needs. Fancy having skinny tyres instead of wide ones? Want a different set of Dahon brakes? All these options have been made possible through the Cadenza Solo’s unique design.

Curve 3

The Curve 3 is the commuter’s best friend. Once you’ve folded the Curve 3, you’ll find that your bike has been reduced to a size so small that it’s now possible to stash it away in a cupboard. This bike comes with a snazzy pink exterior, that’s bound to get you noticed.


The Expresso bike from Dahon is well-suited to park rides and lazy afternoon cycles through the countryside. The bike’s seating structure has been designed to maximise comfort. Additional features include a handy bicycle pump which can be stored behind the seat. This bike has received a positive response from riders. Describing it as a “beautiful bike,” one current owner commented on how rapidly the bike could be made ready for storage.

Glide P7/P8

This is probably one of the most powerful bikes in Dahon’s current Urban Utility range. Despite having the appearance of a full-size city bike, the Glide can be folded into something that’s surprisingly compact. A soft, padded seat allows the rider to benefit from superior levels of comfort whilst a dynamo-powered light allows for increased night-time vision. Reviewers have described the Glide as a “smooth and graceful” bike that’s unlikely to disappoint.


The Mu XL is a lightweight performance bike which has been described by its manufacturers as one of the most luxurious folding bikes around. This bike comes equipped with a Shimano Nexus hub whilst V-clamp hinge technology ensures that the Mu’s frame is stiff enough to meet the needs of the rider. Dahon Special Edition Schwalbe Kojak tyres complete this bike’s specification.

Vitesse D7

Constructed from lightweight aluminium, the Vitesse bike has been described by reviewers as an attractive, affordable and technically sound folding bike. The bike can be folded in as little as 15 seconds and is easy to handle, even on public transport. Best of all, the 2008 Vitesse comes with a unique trouser-saving chainguard which ensures a pleasant riding experience whatever the weather.

Urban Performance Bikes

Jetstream P8

This lightweight bike is perfect for long city rides. The latest version of the Jetstream comes with a redesigned frame which incorporates a state of the art German suspension system into its design. These features act to maximise comfort and performance levels. According to owners, this bike not only comes with a great design but is also superb value for money.


The Matrix is a versatile bike that can be relied upon to perform over a variety of different terrains. Whilst this bike comes with the strength and durability of the mountain bike, it’s also able to reach the sorts of speeds you’d otherwise only expect to attain when riding a road race bike. The Matrix’s high-powered suspension system allows for maximal shock absorption. Riders have responded positively to this bike, describing it as an “excellent and easily adaptable form of everyday transportation.” Nevertheless other owners have pointed out that in attempting to keep costs to a minimum, Dahon have incorporated a number of poor quality components, namely a sub-standard front shock fork, into this bike’s design.

Road Bikes

Hammerhead 8.0

The Hammerhead 8.0 is a strong, easily transportable road bike. Although it comes with a smaller than average set of wheels, it can still reach speeds fast enough to rival even the most formidable 700cc racing bike. Best of all, this bike can be packed away in a matter of minutes.


The Tournado is the classic road racing bike. It comes with a handmade leather saddle that’s been designed to maximise the rider’s comfort. This stylish bike also features a hand-painted frame and a redesigned fork and suspension system. If you’re looking for an innovative, yet affordable road bike, then the 2008 Tournado is certainly worth checking out.

Mountain Bikes


The Flo is a steel hard-rail bike that’s well-suited to outdoor excursions. It’s been designed to allow you to tackle the toughest terrains out there. The Flo is probably one of the strongest bikes in Dahon’s current range. No-one would ever suspect that you’d be able to fold this bike into a shape so compact that it’s possible to fit it into a suitcase. According to riders, the Flo comes with a super specification and an amazing steel frame.