Iron Horse Bikes Reviews

Iron Horse is an American bicycle manufacturer which has been in operation since 1987. The company focuses on the production of downhill free-ride and all-mountain bikes, employing the latest in bicycle technology to ensure that riders are able to maximise speed, control and comfort.

Here’s the lowdown on some of this manufacturer’s latest creations. An explanation of the technologies referred to in the descriptions below can be found by clicking this link.

Sunday: Downhill Race

Specifications available:

  • Sunday World Cup
  • Sunday Team
  • Sunday Elite
  • Sunday Expert

The Sunday is a downhill bike which is extremely popular with professional racers. By offering a range of specifications, however, Iron Horse has now made the bike accessible to everyone, including amateur riders. The bike’s use of dw-link technology means it combines great traction with top-class cornering ability. The Sunday World Cup in particular handles very well even on harsh surfaces, making this a bike that can be used in all conditions.

7 Point: Freeride

Specifications available:

  • 7 Point

Iron Horse has completely revamped the 7-Point for 2008, making it more desirable than ever. New and improved features include a total geometry over-haul, and the bike now comes with slacker head-tube angles as well as longer top tubes, and chainstay lengths have also been reduced this time around.

Stronger 10 Mil tubing and state-of-the-art Max-E bearings serve to enhance the bike’s durability, and the model also incorporates the latest in dw-link technology. The 7-point is a bike that begs to be pushed further and a must-have for anyone who’s serious about freeride biking.

6 Point: Aggressive All-Mountain

Specifications available:

  • 6 Point 6
  • 6 Point 4

The 6 Point is a very powerful mountain bike, capable of dealing with even the toughest and rockiest of terrains. The Iron Horse 6 Point 6 is a strong and versatile bike, and it also comes with a lightweight 7.3 lb frame made from 6069 OPT tubing and F7 links. Other features include O-pivots and Max-E bearings which have been specially formulated to guarantee maximum durability. But to gain a handle on just how good this bike is you have to own one.

MKIII: Trail

Specifications available:

  • MKIII Elite
  • MKIII Comp
  • MKIII Sport
  • MKIII Trail

Iron Horse MKIII bikes are some of the toughest full-suspension bikes available, making them ideal for the harshest of terrains. The manufacturers have introduced a number of changes for 2008, and adjustments include alterations to the MKIII’s geometry which allows for a lighter, speedier riding experience.

Of particular interest is the bike’s use of dw-link technology. The Comp, like the other MKIII bikes on the market, provides excellent balance. A few riders have, however, criticised the MKIII Sport’s handlebars, arguing that they have been poorly designed.

Azure: Marathon XC

Specifications available:

  • Azure Expert
  • Azure Sport

This bike has been designed with the marathon rider in mind. It comes complete with Iron Horse’s dw-link suspension system, and the 6069 aluminum chassis and O-Pivots ensure that the bike responds to the rider’s needs. The breaks on the Azure Expert are second to none, but on the downside the bike is rather heavy for its stated purpose of cross-country racing.

Yakuza: Freeride/Bikepark

Specifications available:

  • Yakuza Kumicho
  • Yakuza Ojiki
  • Yakuza Chimpira

The Yakuza series is characterised by its versatility. It can be used over a variety of different terrains, from bike parks and pavements to rocky or wooded terrain. This is without doubt one of Iron Horse’s finest bikes yet, and its performance is surpassed only by the far pricier Sunday. However, concerns have arisen about the bike’s fork which has a tendency to sag.

Sachem: All-mountain

Specifications available:

  • Sachem 6.0
  • Sachem 4.0
  • Sachem 3.0

This bike has been created for those riders who enjoy the all-day biking experience, although it is especially designed to deal with woodland terrain. The bike’s dual suspension frame comes complete with the Single Pivot CPS system, and for the rider this translates into maximal bump abruption. The Iron Horse Sachem is a wonderful bike to ride, being well suited to trail-riding and dirt-jumping. However, perhaps the best feature of all is that the bike is great value for money too.

Warrior: Trail

Specifications available:

  • Warrior 6.0
  • Warrior 4.0
  • Warrior 3.0
  • Warrior 1.0

The Warrior is the perfect choice for the mountain biker on a budget. The bike features a superior CPS suspension system and proprietary tubing, and the sleek but sturdy frames ensure durability. The bike is perfectly suited to rough trails, and it has been fitted with Weirwolf 2.1-inch tyres which guarantee the rider a clean and fast biking experience.

Maverick: Recreational XC

Specifications available:

  • Maverick 3.0 Mens
  • Maverick 3.0 Ladies

The Maverick is mainly a recreational bike, but it’s an excellent choice for serious mountain-bikers too. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum, and technical features of the Maverick Mens include a Suntour SF7-XCM suspension fork with 100mm of travel and adjustable rebound, plus a Shimano SIS Rear Derailleur and integrated 7-speed shifters. The Maverick is quite simply one of Iron Horse’s finest creations, particularly as it comes complete with features that are more commonly found in bikes several times its price.

Adventure: Pavement Comfort

Specifications available:

  • Adventure 3
  • Adventure 1 Mens
  • Adventure 1 Ladies

The Adventure is specifically designed with the environmentally-friendly consumer in mind. It guarantees comfort on hard surfaces such as pavements, but it’s great for cruising through the countryside as well. The bike comes with an alloy frame, fender mounts and a comfortable saddle. It is a well-built bike, but some owners have criticised the lack of a kickstand in the Adventure 1 Mens.

Transit: Commuter

Specifications available:

  • Transit 3.0
  • Transit 1.0
  • Transit 0

The Transit is another bike aimed at those wanting to save on petrol by riding to work. The Transit 3.0 features Tektro road brakes which have been put in place to maximise road safety. In addition, a semi-compact road frame, complete with a 1.12 inch fully-integrated head tube ensures rapid acceleration times and minimal vibrations. Overall, the Transit is a light bike which is perfect for the average commuter.